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Info about Volgograd

The Mother of Russia Statue
as seen during the Victory Day
celebrations on May 9th.
The city of Volgograd was established more than 400 years ago primarily because of its location at the crossroads of both land and waterways. It has experienced three changes of its name during that time, first it was Tsaritsyn, then it was Stalingrad, and currently it is referred to as Volgograd. Volgograd was the site of one of the most significant and decisive battles of World War II.
The Volgograd region boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage which is celebrated by the city's cultural foundations. There are enough theaters and museums to keep almost any visitor to Volgograd busy for quite some time. The circus and the planetarium are also popular with visitors.
Volgograd is a city of sports fans. It is the home of the ROTOR football (soccer) team which counts itself among the most elite clubs in Russia and Europe. In addition, Volgograd's LukOil Water Polo team is always at the top of its competitors in Russia. Both teams play their matches in the Central Sports Complex, which is located near the Mamayev Kurgan museum complex. During their respective seasons, upcoming games are announced at the ticket booths outside the stadiums and tickets are usually not difficult to acquire.

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